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Types of Glass Fabrication

Glass fabrication is an important part of glass specification. There are several basic types of fabricated glass, which all offer unique pros and cons. Types of glass fabrication include insulating glass units, laminated glass, opacified glass, decorative glass and more.

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Designing Glass to Resist Wind and Snow Loads

Accommodating for wind and snow is one of the important upfront considerations in the design and specification process. There is a multi-step process that must be undertaken to help ensure the glass in your project is able to resist these loads.

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Key Elements of an IGU

There are several key elements that impact the performance of an insulated glass unit. These include the primary seal thickness and width, secondary seal width, the spacer and the desiccant.

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Specifying Large Insulating Glass Units

Some of the world’s most dramatic and visually-breathtaking buildings involve large expanses of glass. Using large, dramatic panels of insulated glass is one of today’s most popular design trends. However, there are several factors that need to be considered in order to ensure a successful project when specifying large insulating glass units.

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Top Design Considerations

Glass has become one of the most popular and complex building materials used today by offering virtually unlimited aesthetic options, in addition to outstanding performance. However, designing with glass does require special considerations, especially during the selection and specification process. The following provides an overview on the main points of glass building construction, with additional information and videos on specific topics in the Education Center and in-depth technical information available at vitroglazings.com.

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Fun Glass Facts


The first insulating glass units were developed in 1945 for the Pullman Car Company in Butler, PA.


A standard float tank can produce glass 24 hours/7 days a week for up to 15 years before it needs to be rebuilt.