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A Partnership Mother Nature Would Approve Of: Award-Winning Bird-Friendly AviProtek® and Solarban® Solar Control Low-e Glass

Each year, more than 600 million birds die from collisions with glass in the United States alone. Although bird-friendly building regulations continue to increase in North America, glazing options have been limited.

Vitro Architectural Glass (formerly PPG glass) and Walker Glass have partnered to create AviProtek®: a line of sustainable glass options that deliver both exceptional energy efficiency and bird safety, with minimal impact on visible light transmission (VLT).

Experts agree that the best way to deter birds from striking glass is through visual markers on the #1 or outside surface of the glass. By combining a Walker AviProtek® acid-etched pattern on surface #1 with a Solarban® high-performance low-e coated glass by Vitro Glass on surface #2 in an insulating glass unit (IGU), architects and building owners get an environmentally responsible glass that does double duty. It's no wonder that in 2015, Architectural Record magazine honored AviProtek® with Solarban® glass as an Editors Choice product in the Facades category.

AviProtek® is available in standard or custom patterns on clear or Starphire Ultra-Clear® glass by Vitro Glass, combined with Solarban® 60, Solarban® R67 or Solarban® 70 solar control low-e glass coatings, exclusively from members of the Vitro Certified® Network.

For more information about the types of low-e glass and how they work, view the video “How Low-e Glass Works” on the Vitro Architectural Glass Education Center website.

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