Stainless Steel Spacers Outperform Foam in Residential Windows

When it comes to windows, homeowners are familiar with the parts of windows they can see, like the glass, the frame and the hardware. However, there are parts of the window inside the glass that play ...

VacuMax™ Vacuum Insulating Glass (VIG)

With unmatched wall-like insulation performance, VacuMax™ VIG by Vitro is where the window becomes the wall.
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Condensation: What it is. What it means.

Condensation means the IGU is working properly, serving as a thermal barrier between extremes in temperature.
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Key Elements of an IGU

There are several key elements that impact the performance of an insulating glass unit (IGU). These include the primary seal thickness and width, secondary seal width, the spacer and the desiccant.

Pro/Cons of Gas-Filled Insulating Glass Units

Boosting Thermal Efficiency with Gas-Filled Insulating Glass Units As codes, standards and green building certification programs governing energy use and carbon reduction requirements become stricter ...