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Ensuring a True Low-Iron Look

Clear glass is extremely common and is popular in a variety of architectural design applications. However, when specifying glass to achieve a truly transparent aesthetic, design professionals know that clear glass isn’t completely clear—it has a distinct green hue when viewed under light.

A double-glazed insulated glass unit (IGU) consist of two glass lites, separated by an airspace.

Often, design professionals specify a double-glazed IGU with low-iron glass as the exterior lite—typically to achieve greater transparency and color fidelity—and then use clear glass as the interior lite. This compromises the design intent of maximizing daylight and color fidelity, as the green hue that is inherent in clear glass will dilute the clarity of the low-iron glass on the exterior lite.

For a truly transparent look, use low-iron glass for both lites in a double-glazed IGU.

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    The first insulating glass units were developed in 1945 for the Pullman Car Company in Butler, PA.


    A standard float tank can produce glass 24 hours/7 days a week for up to 15 years before it needs to be rebuilt.