Three Trends in Commercial Energy Codes

The Ever-Shifting Code Despite being immovable, buildings must be incredibly versatile because the standards that influence their design are ever-changing. Continually, architects and designers are ...

Bird-Friendly Glass

A Partnership Mother Nature Would Approve Of: Award-Winning Bird-Friendly AviProtek® and Solarban® Solar Control Low-e Glass Each year, more than 600 million birds die from collisions with glass in ...
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Short Wave and Long Wave Energy

Understanding the solar energy spectrum is key to understanding glass coatings. Glass coatings affect the way the different parts of the solar spectrum are absorbed into, transmitted through or ...

Designing Glass to Resist Wind and Snow Loads

Accommodating for wind and snow is one of the important upfront considerations in the design and specification process. There is a multi-step process that must be undertaken to help ensure the glass ...
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What Glass Does with Solar Energy

There are three parts to the solar energy spectrum: infrared, visible and ultraviolet. Glass consequently responds to these three different types of light in three different ways: by reflecting, ...
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How Low-e Glass Coatings Work

For an easy way to understand how low-e glass coatings help keep rooms comfortable, simply look at how a thermos works.

Together, We See Further

The Same Reputation. A New Identity. Two years ago, Vitro acquired PPG Flat Glass. Today, as one of the world’s largest global glass producers, the key to our success lies in the strength of our ...

Jumbo Glass: Bigger is Just the Beginning

Building design is constantly changing. Today, strict energy codes and ambitious designs are urging architects to evolve their designs, and manufacturers must provide solutions for these emerging ...

Why We're Giving a Pittsburgh Treasure New Wings

Great design is frequently inspired by nature, which is why Vitro Architectural Glass (formerly PPG Glass) is dedicated to its preservation.

The FYI on EPDs: Why Environmental Product Declarations Matter

Within the past decade, green building certification programs and sustainable design practices have become decidedly mainstream. Today’s architects and their clients demand not only greater ...